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BatteryBelt™ & BatteryStrap™ by GoWearTech Inc
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many charges will I get from BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™?

A. BatteryBelt™ & BatteryStrap™ base models are equipped with a 5000mAh battery capacity. For Example: approx. 2-3 full charges of an IPhone X (2760mAh battery) and 1 1/2-2 times a Samsung Galaxy S8 (3000mAh battery). The premium BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ has 7500mAh battery capacity. For Example: approx. 3-5 charges of an IPhone X or 2-4 charges of a Galaxy S8.

Q. How do you charge the BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™?

A. You charge BatteryBelt™ or BatteryBelt™ just like you charge your phone, use a USB to microUSB cable plugged into a 110volt or other power source. It takes approximately the same amount of time to charge your BatteryBelt™ as it does to charge your phone (Note: If the BatteryBelt™ is very low or completely uncharged then in will take slightly longer to charge because it is 5000 or 7500 mAh capacity).

Q. Does BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™ include the charging cable?

A. GoWearTech Inc does not include the charging cable with the BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™ because most of us already have several USB to microUSB cables and it just adds to the price.

Q. Does BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ support quick charge technology?

A. BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ "Smart Charge" circuitry automatically detects your device's voltage and charge capability( between 1A to 2.1A to 3A) and assures the quickest possible charge of your smartphone, tablet, or USB powered device.

Q.How do I know my BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™ is fully charged?

A. Every BatteryBelt™ or BatteryStrap™ has a LED charge level indicator that approximates the overall charge level of the device, so you will always know the amount of power you have remaining and when you need to recharge your BatteryBelt™ .

Q. Can you overcharge the BatteryStrap™ or BatteryBelt™?

A. NO, BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ features layered protective circuits designed into the system to protect you and the device, when the full charge is achieved the BatteryBelt™ disconnects itself from power.

Q. How long will BatteryStrap™ or BatteryBelt™ hold its charge?

A. Fully charged, BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ will only lose approx. 1-2% of its charge every month when not in use and stored at room temp.

Q. Is the BatteryStrap™ and BatteryBelt™ patented?

A. GoWearTech Inc holds many patents on the BatteryBelt™ and BatteryStrap™ consisting of North American and European patents.